Why do we call Monday, Monday?……


The ancient Greeks and Romans named the days of the week after the sun, the moon, and the planets, which they had already named for their gods

The Germanic and Norse peoples adopted this practice and simply replaced the Roman gods’ names with those of similar deities. Six of the seven names for the days of the week trace their roots to Old Norse, an ancient Scandinavian language. In Old Norse, Sunday is sunnudagr, which means “sun’s day.”

Monday is manadagr, “moon’s day.”

Tuesday, tyrsdagr, comes from the name of the god Tyr, who is related to Tiw, the Anglo-Germanic god of war.

Wednesday, othinsdagr, is connected to Woden, the chief Germanic god who is associated with Odin.

Thursday, thorsdagr, is named for Thor, the god of thunder.

Friday, frjadagr, pays homage to Frigga, Odin’s wife.

The exception is Saturday, named for the Roman god Saturn. The Old Norse name is laugardagr, “washing day.”!

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