WB Yeats- the hen hypnotist…..



The poet William Butler Yeats had a lifelong obsession with magic and for a while was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He was known to write in a trance like state he called “spirit writing” Any time he was on a bus or a train he would suddenly go into a “compositional trance” staring straight ahead, humming and tapping his knees to the sound of wheels.
Despite the fact that he could not spell, Yeats created his greatest work when in his fifties. This is when he found himself surrounded by adoring young women and as a result started to suffer from impotence and writers block. Unable to compose poetry or “to get it up” he experimented with a number of “quack” impotence cures. In 1934 he undertook a vasectomy, a procedure known as “Steinaching” performed by a Viennese doctor named Eugene Steinach. Not content with that he also injected himself with monkey glands. It obviously worked, for a few months later he was escorting a beautiful young actress, Margot Ruddock, twenty seven years of age to his sixty nine, after which the Irish press called him “The Gland Old Man of Letters”
In between writing poetry and seducing young women. Yeats was also in the habit of trying to hypnotise hens.


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