To make feet for children’s stockings……


In Jonathon Green`s majestic Dictionary of Slang (2011 )can be found wonderful counterpoints to today’s highly unimaginative, fuck, shag, and screw. Some of the following are so lovely, a campaign should be started to bring some of them back.

Give someone a green gown (1351)

Play nug-a-nug (1505)

Play the pyrdewy (1512)

Play at couch quail (1521)

Ride below the crupper (1578)

Board a land carrack (1604)

Fadoodling (1611)

Put the devil into hell (1616)

Night physic (1621)

Princum-prancum (1630)

Culbatizing exercise (1653)

Join paunches (1656)

Dance the Paphian jig (1656)

Play at tray trip of a die (1660)

Dance Barnaby (1664)

Shot twixt wind and water (1665)

Play at rantum-scantum (1667)

Blow off the groundsills (1674)

Play hey gammer cook (1674)

Join giblets (1680)

Play at rumpscuttle and clapperdepouch (1684)

Lerricompoop (1694)

Ride a dragon upon St. George (1698)

Houghmagandy (1700)

Take the road to Clew (1719)

Make feet for children’s stockings (1785)

Dance the kipples (1796)

Have one’s corn ground (1800)

Horizontal refreshment (1863)

Arrive at the end of the sentimental journey (1896)




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