To blog or not to blog……

I recently received a lovely note from a lady called Kristy asking about blogging.

Flattered as I am, I feel that the best place to start is with probably the best “how to do it ” site on the internet -by  a fellow by the name of Jeff Goins.

He suggests the following:

Write timeless content. On the web, old content is perceived as irrelevant. Don’t write a newspaper; create a resource.

Don’t write too little or too much. Generally,  try to write at least 300 words and no more than 1000 words. More than that, though, only write as many words as it takes and cut the rest.H

Have a point. Don’t just word-vomit on your audience.

Write with conviction. Pick a side and be bold. And if you’re wrong, admit it.

Short sentences win.

Don’t give up. Bloggers who stick with it ultimately win.

Write as often as possible. Constantly capture ideas and turn them into posts. A tool that may help is Evernote.

Expect critics. A few people hating you is a sign you’re doing something right. Be prepared.

Find ways to regularly get inspired. This is the only way you can inspire others. When you’re empty, fill yourself up. Don’t neglect this.

Realise you can only create or react. At any give time, make sure you know which one you’re doing.



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