The Oscillating Osculator……….


In 1939, Max Factor Jr created The Kissing Machine or Mechanical Osculator. This came about after workers who were previously employed to test the indelibility of the lipstick-  in essence having to count the number of kisses it took on tissue paper before the lipstick wore off, quickly got tired of the job. The Kissing Machine consisted of two sets of Mick Jagger-like rubber lips which were then applied with lipstick, a tissue was then inserted and then under ten pounds of pressure, the machine would “kiss” the tissue until the lipstick faded.

If you think that was odd , how about this.

In Japan (where else !) researchers have developed a machine that mimics French kissing, the idea being to help couples in long distance relationships get that little bit extra that Skype does not offer.

The “Kiss Transmission Device, involves hooking up two rotating, straw-like thingymebobs to a computer. You then put one straw in your mouth and start swirling your tongue on it, your tongue’s position and movements are sent to a computer program and transmitted to the other straw, which then rotates in the opposite direction. The idea being that the other straw is in your beloved’s mouth.

Nobuhiro Takahashi, who designed the contraption said that his team was working on creating other kissing elements like taste, breathing manner, and moistness of the tongue!



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