The joy of brown sauce….

A couple of days ago I popped into my local shop for some milk, and I had a sudden yearning for a bacon sandwich with brown sauce. Whilst in the queue I fell into conversation with someone who I had not seen for a while and subsequently I missed the whole bacon sandwich making process. About ten minutes later, back at home with a steaming cup of tea to hand, I lovingly unwrapped the still warm sandwich and took a bite. Horror upon horrors, there was no wonderful tangy HP infused bite. Mea culpa on my part, I had obviously not said the magic words “with brown sauce please”….. Nevertheless I still ate it, but I felt somewhat shortchanged.

A little while later I remembered doing a short audio recording for an idea I had  on foods specific to a country – a sort of culinary shibboleth so to speak. In this case an homage to brown sauce, actually it was HP sauce to be accurate. For those of you, of a similar mind who share my lurve for the stuff , please press the clicky-thing below





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