The history of the Mile High Club…

The first authenticated shag in an aeroplane took place on November 10th, 1916. Lawrence Sperry ,under the guise of giving flying lessons to the wealthy socialite Mrs Waldo Polk, became the first couple to join the fraternal order of the Mile High Club.They were indulging in a version of physical aeronautics through the benefit of Mr Sperry`s newly fitted auto pilot device, whilst flying over the Great South Bay near Babylon, New York.

Presumably Mrs Polk`s bottom or a flailing leg must have moved a lever and the plane plunged 500 feet into the bay. Two men shooting wild duck heard the plane crash and went to rescue the occupants. When they reached the wreck they found the couple naked holding onto the wreckage. Sperry explained to his rescuers that the crash “divested” them of their clothing.
The New York Mirror and Evening Graphic headlined their front page the following day with:


According to Fox News (so it must be true…), Richard Branson, Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Travolta and Ralph Fiennes are all rumoured to be fans of high altitude loving.
Still interested ?
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