New book….

I am pleased to announce my new book of poetry “The Last bus to Clifden” from the good people at Abraxas Press


Help is at hand


No need to worry

We are all trapped in the same June

Between the dais and the floor


Hands of fate are rarely slight

And if an imbroglio is a confused heap


Then we are nothing more than beautiful stereo ripples

Whose colours give themselves away,

Imploring certain envoys to finish their search and come home


Here it is never winter

Sounds amplify simply on faraway alpine reservoirs

Thaw comes before the deluge, never after the snow drift


A palm waves a fist, many angry fists

The object is the hardest part

Lost assumed as the others finally arrive

And find a point zero or locus solus


This is all we came here for


The secret is kept up in the ozone

Somewhere near the Espirides or the Southern Cross


Someone laughs heartily as his or hers breath loses its way through the jet stream

Learning and Unlearning


The semi divine process of miscellany and Diaspora

By which we seldom now daydream to conjure home


On this nether shore

We call this ocean Atlantic

The girl, Lilith

This atoll on which we stand will be named later


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