Naughty Lord Palmerston…….

Despite his ill-fitting false teeth and appalling bad breath, Britain’s prime minister was seemingly irresistible to women during the Crimean War. “Lord Cupid” as he was known in Parliament, fathered seven illegitimate children and once tried to bonk one of Queen Victoria`s ladies-in-waiting while he was visiting Windsor Castle. (He later claimed that he was drunk and entered the wrong bedroom)

In 1862, aged 79, he was cited the correspondent in a divorce case. The story considerably enhanced his popularity; it was rumoured that Palmerston even encouraged the gossip because he was hoping to call a general election.

Britain`s horniest prime minister died in his eighty-second year, officially from pneumonia after catching a chill while riding in his carriage. However, there was a splendid rumour that he died of a heart attack whilst engaged in a sex act with a young parlour maid on his billiard table .


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