Mr Krafft-Ebbing and the moustache……

Richard Vonn Krafft-Ebbing (1840 -1902) was one of the early pioneers in the study of sexual psychology. In his Pschopathia Sexualis, published after his death in 1947, there are over two hundred case-studies ranging from the hilarious to the downright disturbing.

Incidentally, the Latin title of the book was deliberately chosen to scare off the general reading public as this edition translated all the hardcore sexual descriptions from English into Latin. The idea being if you were clever enough to understand Latin, you could not possibly be a pervert (something that nobody mentioned to Caligula).

The following are his notes for a case-study (no: 99)
“X, aged twenty, inverted sexually. Only loved men with a large bushy moustache. One day he met a man who answered his ideal. He invited him to his home, but was unspeakably disappointed when this man removed an artificial moustache. Only when the visitor put the ornament back on his upper lip again, he exercised his charm over X, once more and restored him to the full possession of virility”

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