March 23……..

In the early hours of March 23rd, 2003, while transporting cargo from Cork, Ireland, to Lübeck, Germany, the RMS Mülheim ran aground at Land’s End, a rocky headland on the west coast of England. By the afternoon, conspiracists were bubbling over with theories. Like the Bermuda Triangle, Land’s End, with its high incidence of shipwrecks, is a magnet for the superstitious. The coast is dotted with Stonehenge-like megaliths, Celtic shrines, and other ancient testaments to the region’s mystique.

In 1998, a team of Russian scientists added another layer to the lore when they identified the waters just off Land’s End as the most likely location of the legendary lost city of Atlantis. In reality, the cause of the Mülheim wreck was rather mundane. It turns out the chief officer, who was on watch at the time, had caught his trousers on a control lever, fallen over, and knocked himself unconscious.

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