La Femme Petomane……

One of the very earliest sexual psychologists was a fellow called Magnus Hirschfeld (1868 – 1935) who, until Hitler shut down his world renowned institute in Berlin, studied all manner of sexual oddities. In his book ,Sexual Pathology (1932), he describes an evening at a Parisian night club.:

To prove that what may have a fetishistic influence far exceeds everything one may imagine, is the fact that even intestinal gases can have an attracting effect. Thus in a Montmarte night club in Paris, I saw a girl who called herself “La Femme Petomane” and her large audience was in part amused and in part excited because from time to time, amidst witty remarks, she produced flatus of varied strength and length. Those who wished to derive the full pleasure of the odour sat in the front rows, those who were content with the acoustical charm sat in the other rows.

I think Simon Cowell may have missed a trick here, by not mentoring a modern-day version as a new act for The X-Factor.

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