I came across this strange photograph of a man and his rather odd haircut which made me think about hair and hair styles.

It is probably fair to say that hair styles are a mirror that reflects individual, collective and stylistic histories. It is one of the only parts of the body that can be modified, a perfect test-bed for personal experimentation.
Before the 1950`s, men kept hair short or under a hat, or wore the regulation haircut of the armed forces. But as the postwar economy boomed, the male archetype was challenged; rock`n`roll was born, and 1950`s teenagers found their idol in a greasily quaffed Elvis Presley, a new kind of man who did not hid his narcissism. Bikers, surfers, beatniks, teddy boys, and rockabillies – all offered new ways of escape, and wear hair. Amid the social unrest of the 60`s, hair provided a medium to represent change, by the 1970`s, attitudes to hair ranged from skinheads to hippies. Men had retained the power of their hair.

Fast forward to today, the barber shop renaissance, where the rituals of male bonding and grooming blossom again. The barber serves as confidant and confessor, a master of elegance in whose hands men place their trust as well as their hair. Here without rush or fuss, a man can spend guilt-free time on himself in the company of his peers and indulge in a journey of olfactory and emotional dimensions, of lotions and potions. Talcum powder and hot towels although sadly these days, no furtive whispers of “Something for the weekend,Sir?”

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