Gyuho and other Japanese metaphors……

The Japanese are particularly fond of animal metaphors:

itachigokko – weasels’ play (a vicious circle)
gyuho – an ox’s walk (a snail’s pace)
neko no hitai – a cat’s forehead (a very small area)

yabuhebi ni naru – to poke at a bush and get a snake (to backfire)
ryuto dabi ni owaru  -to start with a dragon’s head and end with a snake’s tail (to peter out)
dasoku – snake legs (excessive or superfluous)
tora ni naru – to become a tiger (to get roaring drunk)
unagi no nedoko – an eel’s bed (a long narrow place)
mushi no idokoro ga warui – the location of the worm is bad (in a bad mood)
kirinji – a giraffe child (prodigy)

kumo no ko o chirasu yo ni  – like scattering baby spiders (in all directions)
inu to saru  – a dog and a monkey (to be on bad terms)

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