Exclamations from around the world…….

Exclamations are generally used to express a sudden reaction: to
something frightening, incredible, spectacular, shocking or wonderful. Best
not attempted by the visitor, they are better heard from the mouth of the
native speaker than read off the page:

 aaberdi (Algerian) a cry used when learning fearful news

 aawwaah (Dardja, Algeria) a shout of doubt or hesitation

 aãx (Karuk, North America) how disgusting!

 aduh (Malay) ouch or wow!

 aduhai (Indonesian) an expression of admiration

 alaih (Ulwa, Nicaragua) gosh! goodness! help!

alalau (Quechuan, Peru) brrr! (of cold)

amit-amit (Indonesian) forgive me!

 ammazza (Italian) it’s a killer! wow!

asshe (Hausa, Nigeria) a cry of grief at distressing news

 bambule (Italian) cheers! (preceding the lighting of a joint)

 cq (Albanian) a negative exclamation of mild disappointment

 hoppla (German) whoops!

 naa (Japanese) that’s great!

 nabocklish (Irish Gaelic) don’t meddle with it!

oho (Hausa, Nigeria) I don’t care

 oop (Ancient Greek) a cry to make rowers stop pulling

sa (Afrikaans) catch him!

 savul (Turkish) get out of the way!

schwupp (German) quick as a flash

shahbash (Anglo-Indian) well done! (or well bowled!, as said in cricket
by a wicket-keeper to the bowler)

 tao (Chinese) that’s the way it goes

 taetae tiria (Cook Islands Maori) throw it away, it’s dirty!

 uf (Danish) ugh! yuk!

usch då (Swedish) oh, you poor thing!

 y-eazziik (Dardja, Algeria) an expression used exclusively by women
to criticize another person’s action

 zut (French) dash it!

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