Do bees buzz?……

In Albanian, Danish, English, Hebrew and Polish, to name just a few languages, bees make a buzzing sound, and cats miaow. However, no language but English seems to think that owls go ‘tu-whit, tu-woo’ or a cockerel goes ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’. And not everyone agrees about the birds and the bees either:

Arabic (Algeria): twit twit
Bengali: cooho’koohoo
Finnish: tsirp tsirp
Hungarian: csipcsirip
Korean: ji-ji-bae-bae
Norwegian: kvirrevitt or pip-pip

Afrikaans: zoem-zoem
Bengali: bhonbhon

Estonian: summ-summ
Japanese: bunbun
Korean: boong-boong or wing-wing

Indonesian: ngeong
Malay: ngiau
Nahuatl (Mexico): tlatzomia

Albanian: ciu ciu

Greek: ko-ko-ko
Hungarian: csip-csip
Indonesian: cip cip

Quechuan (Peru): tojtoqeyay
Slovene: čiv-čiv
Thai: jiap jiap
Turkish: cik cik

Bengali: hamba
Dutch: boeh
Hungarian: bú
Korean: um-muuuu
Nahuatl (Mexico): choka

French: croa-croa
Indonesian: gagak
Korean: kka-ak-kka-ak
Spanish: cruaaac, cruaaac
Swedish: krax
Thai: gaa gaa
Turkish: gaaak, gaak

Finnish: trööt or prööt
Spanish (Chile): prraaahhh, prrraaaahhh
Thai: pran pran

Nahuatl (Mexico): choka
Norwegian: mae
Quechuan (Peru): jap’apeyay
Russian: mee
Ukrainian: me-me

Korean: buung-buung
Norwegian: uhu
Russian: ukh
Swedish: hoho
Thai: hook hook

Albanian: hunk hunk
Hungarian: röf-röf-röf
Japanese: buubuu, boo boo boo
Dutch: knor-knor

Mandarin Chinese: mieh mieh
Portuguese: meee meee
Slovene: bee-bee

Vietnamese: be-hehehe

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