Caligula and foreplay……

The appalling Roman emperor Caligula (12 – 41 AD) had a somewhat novel approach to foreplay according to the historian Suetonius in his De Vita Caesarum which was written in about 121 AD.

Caligula was in the habit of inviting attractive aristocratic couples to dine with him. Then during a pause in conversation he would sidle over to a wife who took his fancy, then lift up her skirt to examine the contents. If satisfied he would take her to an adjoining room for a “quicky”. He would then return and critique her performance to the husband and the rest of the guests.

Caligula was certainly no heartthrob; skinny, balding and pasty faced. He also had a most peculiar pronounced forehead and was covered in coarse body hair. He was so conscious about the latter that he refused to have the word “goat” used in his presence.

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