Abolition and string trousers…

Today is the anniversary of the death of John Conrad (1921-1987)

John Conrad, the fourth Earl Russell was the son of the great philosopher Bertrand Russell. Sadly it seems that the admirable qualities of the father were  not passed on to the son.

During his infrequent visits to the House of Lords he became well known for his wonderfully strange speeches on a variety of subjects. According to Hansard, in 1978 , during a debate on aid for victims of crime, Russell demanded the total abolition of law and order. He then announced that “Women’s liberation would be realised by all girls being given a house of their own by the age of 12 and marriage should be abolished and girls could have as many husbands as they wished” His final statement was that “Mr Brezhnev and President Carter were in fact the same person” before suddenly running out of the chamber.

He retired shortly after this episode to take up writing and crocheting. He once made himself a pair of trousers out of string. “It took a very long time”, he explained later,” because I did not have a pattern”


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