15 things you probably didn`t want to know about Greenland

  • Despite having a land area the size of Mexico, Greenland has no road or railway system. Travelling between towns and villages is done by plane, helicopter, boat, or dogsled
  • Greenland’s official language, Kalaallisut, is perhaps one of the most difficult languages to speak and learn. The words are hard to pronounce and often feature swallowed consonants.
  • In 1946, the United States wanted to purchase Greenland from Denmark – but the doughty Danes refused to sell the island.
  • In mid-March, the Ice Golf World Championships takes place in Uummannaq. The two-day event takes place on a course cut on the ice between surrounding icebergs and the greens are known as whites.
  • Because of the climatic conditions, Greenland is unable to support any grass pitches, so all football matches are played on artificial turf.
  • “Kayak” and “igloo” are Greenlandic words that have been adopted directly by other languages.
  • According to the New York Times, if Greenland`s ice sheet melted the sea levels would increase by over 20 feet.
  • Katja K, the first, and it appears only, Danish porn star was born in Greenland
  • Geographically Greenland is part of North America. Politically and historically it is associated with Europe and nationally it forms a part of Denmark.
  • The first Christian church on the North American continent, Hvalsey church, was built in Greenland.
  • July is the only month when the temperature gets above the freezing point
  • The name Greenland is somewhat of a misnomer as 85% of the land is covered in ice.
  • Greenland actually means ‘land of people’ and was named by the Vikings in order to attract settlers. Who once settled would then have the undivided attention of the Vikings (think rape and pillage)
  • A Christmas treat in Greenland is kiviak: Auk birds, lovingly stuffed into a seal skin and then left to ferment for six months.
  • For a country more famous for winter sports, an international cricketer, Martin Pedersen, was born here in Sisimiut ( average temperature -10 Centigrade).

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